TV & Stage: Listen to Kingsley Flood cover Ellie Goulding, channel television History

It’s been a good week for Kingsley Flood. First the band made History last night, and Friday night their set to headline the Sinclair.

The intelligently folking Boston/D.C. sextet is prepping for a homecoming record release party tomorrow night in Cambridge for new EP To The Fire. The five-track effort was produced by Paul Kolderie (Radiohead, The Pixies, Speedy Ortiz) is said to be just the tip of the fiddling iceberg for Kingsley Flood, who are set to spend most of 2015 releasing new music and then getting in the van to bring it to the masses.

When they roll into cities and towns across our land from here to La Jolla, Kingsley Flood might be known as “that band from that History Channel show,” as last night their 2013 track “Waiting On The River To Rise” was featured in the new reality TV series Mississippi Men. If you missed it (confession: we missed it) you can catch up with the trailer down below.

But not before digging into some new tunes off To The Fire, especially one with a slightly familiar ring to it. Included on the new EP is the Floods’ reimagined cover of Ellie Goulding’s 2012 electronic pop song “Anything Can Happen,” off her Halcyon album.

“People wouldn’t necessarily link us with Ellie Goulding, but a good song is a good song,” frontman Naseem Khuri tells Paste two weeks ago. “We tried to put our own spin on it, so we added some ups and downs, some strings, some acoustic guitar in places—even added a whole new middle section. We heard this song as a bit haunting, so we ran with that.”

Listen to Kingsley take on Ellie below, and watch the aforementioned Mississippi Men trailer after the Soundcloud jump.