The More Juno: Bent Shapes issue pro tips on scene life last night during the blizzard


While most of New England last night was glued to local news broadcasts learning of the blizzardy wrath of Juno, Somerville/Cambridge garage pop band Bent Shapes were dropping a different type of knowledge. And it’s some we can all use long after the snow melts away and life returns to “normal” for us here in New England.

It all started innocently enough around 1:30 a.m., as sleepy internet explorers began to turn their attention to the Boston Yeti, with a quick, sudden jab of “If you’re too busy for everything, quit doing some stuff.” We thought that was directed to the people out shoveling their driveways under seriously cold moonlight, but we quickly realized the plows and pushers weren’t the band’s target demo.

In the crosshairs were SXSW, the blogs, friend-to-friend circle-jerking, and jobs created after 2005. Shit got pretty real.


Check their full blast via Twitter below, in order of tweet (note: we think one has been since deleted), and mark your calendars: Bent Shapes play Eye Design’s party February 28 at O’Brien’s Pub in Allston with Chandos, Charly Bliss, and Fucko.

Bring a notebook.


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