Law & Disorder: Ice-T’s Body Count modernizes Suicidal Tendencies’ ‘Institutionalized’


We’re not exactly sure what the most shocking development of 2015 has been so far, but this is pretty close: Ice-T’s resurrected metal/hardcore band Body Count has re-booted Suicidal Tendencies’ ’80s trash classic “Institutionalized”, and it’s pretty fucking good. The rapper-turned-screamer-turned-actor gives the song three modern themes we all can relate to, like wanting to play Xbox, forgetting internet passwords, and fucking with vegans in “Meat Is Murder” t-shirts.

Yeah, the middle part might be a bit racist, but hey, Ice-T can pretty much do what he wants.

Body Count’s version of “Institutionalized” first appeared on the band’s 2014 comeback album Manslaughter, but the entertaining video just dropped yesterday.


Talking to Esquire back in June for the album’s release, Ice-T says: “Body Count gives nothing but respect to Suicidal, because they were the first West Coast band to kinda bring that gangbanger thing to rock. It was skater-gangster. I wanted to pay homage to them.”

As for updating the song’s content, like swapping a Pepsi for an Xbox, he adds: “I think when you remake a record, it’s twofold. It’s not just the remake, it should be the homage to the other artist. At the end of our version of ‘Institutionalized’, I say ‘Suicidal!’ because I don’t want anyone for one minute thinking I invented that or am trying to pass it off that way. I don’t need to. That one rocks in concert, too.”

He’s not crazy. He’s Ice motherfucking T.


And here’s the original, for all the new jacks out there…