Hail The Pink Van: Charli XCX and Rita Ora go full outlaw dance party in ‘Doing It’ video


Charli XCX, Rita Ora, and a pink V(an). What’s not to like?

Our beloved Ms. XCX dropped yet another single from new certified jam-packed sophomore album Sucker this week, and it’s a collaboration with fellow British pop singer Rita Ora. The video for “Doing It” finds the pair out in California, where the run astray of the law until a giant dance party breaks out with police and passerby.

It’s real life set to a soundtrack inspired by Janet Jackson.


With some on-point visual inspirations.

“The video was very inspired by Thelma & Louise, Natural Born Killers and Barbie,” says Chali XCX. “Rita and I went out to the Californian desert and shot in some incredible places with some incredible people. I was very inspired by Florida strip clubs, ’70s fashion (I’m wearing flares!!!!!) and David Lachapelle. It was so fun working with Rita on this. We had a wild time.”

There’s also lot of pink.