Patriot Pride: Do617 bans Macklemore, Starbucks, and other Seattle stuff for the Super Bowl

Super Bowl XLIX is less than a fortnight away, and our sister site Do617 is showing its New England Patriots pride by banning from its office 10 things that are affiliated with the Seattle Seahawks. That means no Starbucks, Macklemore, grunge, or fashions by Tommy Bahama (which we are damn-near shocked to learn isn’t based in, like, Tampa Bay or San Diego or somewhere with… beaches) for the next two weeks.

“With an ass-kicking victory tonight over the Colts, our beloved New England Patriots are headed to the Super Bowl,” writes Do617. “But in Arizona awaits a formidable foe, the defending champion Seattle Seahawks. To show proper allegiance to the Church of Brady & Belichick, we here at Do617 have banned the following things from our Cambridge HQ until Super Bowl XLIX. As proper New Englanders, we ask you follow suit and remove the following 10 things from your life, as well.”

Other banned practices include wearing flannel, ordering stuff online from Amazon, and watching the terrible ’90s television show Frasier.

Some things will be harder to reject than others. Like, no Sub Pop Records? This is serious business.

Of course, in true sporting spirit, fellow Do Stuff Media site Do206 in Seattle has come up with a list of its own banned items, including such New England institutions as Aerosmith, Ben & Jerry’s, and Dunkin’ Donuts. See their full life-not-worth-living list here.

And come February 2, we can all go back to “Same Love” (depending on the outcome, of course).

Go Patriots!