Kween Dream: Watch Betty Who exact revenge on a boyfriend with a BFF and a baseball bat

There are few absolutes in life. But one is you just don’t leave Betty Who roadside after an argument.

You just don’t.

In the Australian native and Berklee alumna’s new video for “All Of You,” the Kween finds herself stranded after a little tiff with the boy toy, and calls up her BFF for a little revenge. Her friend dons a cute little ski mask, grabs the ol’ Louisville Slugger, and heads towards the bro’s place of employment. The video is a bit Thelma & Louise, a bit Taken 3, a bit blissful electro-pop.

The two ride off into the sunset with fresh smiles and about $70 in singles and fives, but hey, that’s cool. The message here is FRIENDSHIP. And you don’t fuck with Betty Who.

Her debut album, Take Me When You Go, is out now. Her hit single “Heartbreak Dream” was one of our 10 best electro-pop songs of 2014.

Watch “All Of You” below.