Vanyaland Premiere: The Tropics pull back the curtain on the euphoric ‘Take You Home’

There’s a nice bit of humor in premiering the new music video from a band called the Tropics on a day when the polar vortex has much of the Eastern part of the country in a vice grip.

But the young San Francisco quintet’s sunny harmonies and daydream-pop ambition have provided a warmth that extends to both coasts, and today have unveiled their new video for heart-sleeve single “Take You Home.”

Last time the Tropics went the video route with director Frank Door, for last year’s “Fireproof,” the band crafted a shot-by-shot recreation of Marky Mark And The Funky Bunch’s 1991 classic “Good Vibrations.” This time around, however, Door has opted for a look at the Tropics’ communal live show through a kaleidoscopic lens, with visuals of their hometown providing the backdrop. Sometimes you just gotta get back to basics and pull back the curtain on a rock and roll band.

“Take You Home,” first available only on the vinyl version of October debut EP Wind House (off Portland, Oregon label Breakup Records), is a euphoric indie-pop track carried by the crisp vocals of Claire George. It’s the sound of springtime, even though we’re trapped in the dead of winter. It sounds like hope.

The Tropics play San Francisco’s Rickshaw Stop on January 16, and we can only hope they get to our coast before the great thaw. Watch “Take You Home” below, and stream or download the track via Bandcamp after the jump.

Tropics Take You Home