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Live Forever: Watch Marina & the Diamonds embark on a new age in ‘Immortal’


From Lorde and Charli XCX to Indiana and Verite (and on and on and on), 2014 was the year of the female electronic-pop singer. As the year unfolded, one question on the minds of many was: Where is Marina & the Diamonds in all this?

Turns out the Welsh singer was quietly putting together the follow-up to 2012 concept album Electra Heart. Late last year a few new tracks from upcoming third record FROOT started circulating online, and Marina Diamandis promised one new track a month until the album’s April 6 release. Following December’s “Happy” is FROOT’s closing track, “Immortal,” which got the video treatment on New Year’s Eve.

The dramatic, new age track shows a toned-down Diamandis singing in front of a wall of memories and flashbacks. Gone is the glitzy Electra Heart pizzaz, but it continues to show the singer’s powerful range and engaging songwriting ability. There should be plenty of fun, dancey bubblegum-pop tracks on FROOT, but this shows the album has a nice depth to it as well, something she skillfully showed off on debut The Family Jewels nearly five years ago.


After an odd year away, Marina is back. Pre-order FROOT here.