Rad Santa: Here’s a pretty good Christmas parody of Kiesza’s ‘Hideaway’ video


Do a quick Google search for ‘”A Brave Moose,” and a bunch of links about a mother beast fending off a hungry wolf pack come up. That should soon change, however, with the release of this new Christmas parody video of Kiesza’s breakout 2014 hit, “Hideaway.”

The comedy production group has taken on the pop song with Santa as the hero, dancing through Brooklyn streets while joined up by the Grinch, some elves, a pair of Rockettes, and some hip-as-fuck reindeer.

This holiday “Hideaway” a fairly accurate recreation of Kiesza’s video, and if you watch the two clips side by side you can even drink along to the neighborhood’s gentrification.

“I’d like to thank all my friends who volunteered their time to make this video happen,” says Liane S. Afuni of A Brave Moose on YouTube. “It was the most fun on set I’ve ever had! Even though we froze our butts on set… it was well worth it. I hope the rest of you enjoy this video as much as we did making it…. Happy Holidays!”


And be sure to watch the video until the very end — there’s a nice surprise waiting.