‘Why Don’t You Go F Yourself (This Christmas)’ is the holiday song you need right now

We’re less than three weeks away from Christmas, and already the tree is drying up, the bottle of Baileys is empty, and your bank account is drained despite only being half done with your shopping. At this point, not even Blowfly could raise your sunken holiday spirits.

So Auntie Niki has arrived down the chimney of hope with a very special Christmas jingle we can all get behind. “Why Don’t You Go F Yourself (This Christmas)” is pretty much universal in its appeal, and it’s sure to rank up there with the Waitresses, King Diamond, Mariah Carey and everyone else who have provided some yule-tide tunes over the years.

The video, which you can watch below, was shot and edited by Boston/Providence pin-up photography company Vintage Girl Studios, recorded by Dan Burke at St. Lee Studio, and also stars Josh Willis as Santa.

‘Tis the season, everyone.