Thunder Games: Watch Lorde flash a ‘Yellow Flicker Beat’ last night on The Tonight Show


On Monday, Billboard ran a piece listing five reasons why Lorde “won” at the American Music Awards even though the New Zealand pop queen didn’t take home any hardware (she was up for three awards, including Best Album). The ‘Board listed things like her dancing to “Bang Bang,” her support of BFF Taylor Swift, and that crazy-good performance of “Yellow Flicker Beat.” We would have added a sixth to the list: that lipstick smear right at the end.

Last night on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Lorde was back on the stage, and back hypnotizing audiences with another play of “Yellow Flicker Beat,” the lead track off The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 soundtrack that she curated.

We waited for a lipstick smear at the end… we yearned for a lipstick smear at the end… but it wasn’t meant to be.


What was meant to be, however, was another captivating performance from no fluke of an artist. Lorde may have turned 18 earlier this month, but she continues to impress with her poise, demeanor, and downright frightening (in a good way) musical capability.

And those dance moves. Damn.

Watch her performance on the Tonight Show below, and keep clicking downward for her chat with Fallon, in which she talks about Tay Sway and a bunch of other stuff.


Lorde, praise it.