The Colour & The Sox: Here’s strong evidence the Foo Fighters are playing Fenway Park in 2015


On Tuesday the Foo Fighters are set to unveil details of their upcoming North American tour, which should interest pretty much everyone from Provincetown to Olympia. An eastern Massachusetts show is a given, and tonight, one massive clue was leaked as to the location of such a show in here in town.

Go ahead and click

There’s nothing on the page just yet, but the fact that the page exists — with a title of “Foo Fighters at Fenway” — tells us that the Foo Fighters will be playing Fenway Park at some point next year. Clicking the link above reveals a longer url:

So this is pretty legit. Of course, we don’t know the date, but chances are it’ll be in the summer like Fenway concerts in recent years.

Hat tip to Vanyaland reader SteveM who posted the link in the comments of our previous Foo Fighters post.

Surely more info will be unveiled this week, probably on Tuesday, but this is certainly enough to get us excited. Here’s a screen grab of the page as of 9 p.m. EST Sunday night, in case someone realizes they fucked up and quickly take it down.

Foo Fenway 2


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