Vanyaland Premiere: Listen to Doom Lover battle light and dark on new EP ‘Until Everybody Dies’

Boston rock and roll gang Doom Lover are a tough band to peg. Each song sounds different than the next, and each track seems to take on its own personality, a result of having three vocalists and three songwriters equally contributing to the quintet’s impassioned sound. Now after teasing our senses with three stand-along singles earlier in the year, the Lovers of Doom return today on Halloween with their debut EP, the very Type O Negative-named Until Everybody Dies.

‘Tis the season.

“It’s kinda like our name in that, at first glance it seems dark,” says guitarist/vocalist Jeffrey Vachon. “But it can also be interpreted as a show of commitment. We’ve used it as a toast a few times; it could either be I love you ’til everybody dies, or I’m gonna keep on punching until everybody dies. We’re huge into playing with people’s perspectives and making them question their version of the truth.”

What is true is the chemistry among five seemingly disparate band members. And Until Everybody Dies is a true culmination and reflection of the Doom Lover vision. Opener “Advent Trash” has a bluesy space-rock vibe, “Jai Alai” could take over country radio if country radio was worth listening to, and EP closer “I Stay Endangered” has a rich, cinematic feel (climatic scene, anyone?). Oh, and there’s a theremin involved.

“It actually represents what our band does,” Vachon adds. “We tell stories from varied perspectives in a way that is cohesive while still retaining our individual personalities. We’re like king Ghidorah — if he sang pop songs.”

Listen to Doom Lover’s new EP below, track by track, and catch the band live at T.T. The Bear’s Place in Cambridge on December 5 with Aloud for Vary Lumar’s record release party.

[Editor’s Note: One of Doom Lover’s members, Nicole Marie, hosts a show on VanyaRadio. Some of you people like to get hung up on apocalyptic shit like that, so we’re disclosing so you don’t have to. We jammed to Doom Lover (and her other bands) before she joined our team. It’s rock and roll, deal with it.]

Doom Lover