Trouble Bruin: Keytar Bear bloodied and bruised in alleged knife attack last night in Boston

Not long after coming out of hibernation for the summer, Keytar Bear claims he was attacked — again — last night on the streets of Boston near Faneuil Hall.

He posted a photo of his Bruins jersey on the We Love Keytar Bear Facebook page, explaining the incident. The Bear had been seen performing in the Bruins’ 3rd jersey around town for the past week, and the image showed bloodied dollar bills on top of the sweater’s crest.

When a fan saw him talking to police last night, she asked him via Facebook if he was attacked. Keytar Bear then posted the pic with following message:

I thought Boston had my back but unfortunately people were video taping with i phones instead .There was another attack by 2 guys and a girl this time this time they tried to stab me with a knife and they stole from me lm not upset because I realize god gives us problems in order to make us stronger these are the few dollars that l recovered lm hoping my Keytar still works because l used it to defend myself but my Bruins jersey is fucked up and that pisses me off because it had everyones signature tommorows another people#KTB

Boston Magazine reached out to the Bear for further comment, but the busker, who works anonymously, only said his “face was slashed, phone stolen, my equipment damaged.” Universal Hub was the first to report the incident.

This is not the first time Keytar Bear has been assaulted while working on the streets of Boston. In April, he was sucker punched in Faneuil Hall, suffering a broken nose and damage to his keytar, but the city rallied around him with a massive fund raiser event at the Middle East by Workbar’s Abigail Taylor. More than $4,000 was raised, a new keytar was supplied to him, and May 8 was declared Keytar Bear Day in the city of Cambridge.

Stay tuned for more information… Keytar Bear is set to perform at the Middle East corner on November 3.

Here is a closer look at the image Keytar Bear posted last night:

Keytar Bear