Lock In Ur Love: Listen to the Rare Occasions do dirty, nasty things to Disclosure’s ‘Latch’


Our love affair with the Rare Occasions has lasted for the better part of 2014. First we flashed bedroom eyes at the Providence rock band down in Austin for our SXSW party with Berklee, then got freaky with them in May after the release of the Feelers EPs, which featured one of our most-est fave tracks of the year in “Dysphoric.” When they won a John Lennon Songwriting contest in September, we wanted to make them breakfast.

Now shit’s getting out of hand, as the Rare Occasions today join in on Boston’s Halloween cover tradition by getting straight-up freaky on Disclosure’s hit jam, “Latch.”

“This is our very own doom-surf rendition of Disclosure’s ‘Latch,'” the band says. “Just wait till the drop.”

This is the musical version of that haunted house you never want to leave.

Catch the Rare Occasions live and in action this Wednesday at Church (flyer after the jump), and then opening for the Dirty Heads and Knox Hamilton down at Lupo’s in Providence on November 3. We hear their take on “Latch” might make its way into the set list at the Rhode Island gig. But only if you ask nicely.

Listen to the “Latch” re-boot below…

Rare Occassions