Vanyaland Premiere: Watch the debut trailer for the upcoming film ‘The Mayor Of Rock & Roll’


“Fuck ethics — this is rock and roll!”

There are many takeaways from the debut trailer for the upcoming film, The Mayor Of Rock & Roll, but that perfect line might just be the most glaring.

Directed by Mark Phinney (Fat) and produced by Brendan Boogie, the film is a story of what it takes to make it in music, and all the little steps, successes, and misfires along the way. It’s also, much like Fat, a tribute to Boston music, set against the city’s scene with a variety of recognizable faces and locations.

Though The Mayor of Rock & Roll finished filming in late December of last year, there are still some ways to go before we get an official release. However, this trailer should hold us over — and make us even more excited to watch it in full.

“We’re getting closer, but there are still a lot of technical things to do with it –sound, color, etc.,” Boogie tells Vanyaland. “So I don’t really have a timeline on it. People will have to live without my massive fame for a little while longer.”