Sifl & Angry: Sock Puppet Parody takes on Slayer’s ‘Raining Blood’ in the name of dyeing arts

Slayer’s metal epic Reign In Blood turned 28-years-old on Tuesday, and there were the usual hat tips, raised glasses, and banjo covers celebrating its anniversary. But Sock Puppet Parody have taken things to levels perhaps only Sifl & Olly would understand, creating the Slayer parody band Stayner (say it out loud) and recreating album closer “Raining Blood” as an ode to the dark chloric arts, titled Raining Bleach.

As Loudwire notes, the “sock puppets are made to look like members and former members of Slayer. Special attention is paid to the Jeff Hanneman puppet, who sports the number 42 in reference to the late guitarist’s habit of wearing Oakland Raiders jerseys onstage.”

That’s a nice touch.

And these cotton headbangers aren’t just going through the dryer motions. The lyrics are adapted to spin cycle as well. “Raining bleach/It’s not a colorfast dye/Bleeding all the color/Creating my mixture, bow as I stain/Raining bleach!”


Oh and by the way, Slayer is playing the Worcester Palladium on November 28 with Exodus and Suicidal Tendencies.

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