Unearthed: Listen to the crushing debut single from Burial Sound (members of RIBS, Autochrome)

Credit: The Burial Sound

The trio known as Burial Sound want to take you on a trip.

This new Boston band has DNA from bands like RIBS and the dearly-departed Autochrome flowing through its droning veins, taking cues from shoegaze and psych-rock and suggesting that the burial cited here is the listener under a thick coating of calculated sonic fury. Burial Sound are set to make their live debut this Saturday at Great Scott in Allston, and we are excited to premiere their first single — a twisted, heatwave psych-out dubbed “The Shallows.”

“If you’ve never before heard an Ayahuasca trip playing through the broken speakers of the motorcycle you just crashed in the desert, Burial Sound want to bring you up to speed,” reads their bio. “The burning bush in front of you is not a hallucination. A collaboration between Chris Oquist (RIBS), Katherine Murray (ex-Autochrome) and bassist Chris Powers, the band wants to drench telecasters in reverb, crush bass into a monolith of fuzz, and punish drums for having filthy, filthy thoughts as high-altitude vocals echo into astral delay trails. It’s an ode to apocalyptic beauty and a glorification of noise. Or as Murray says, ‘We just want to save some souls.'”


Look we’re not in the business of just copy/pasting band bios here on this website but that works pretty fucking well for us.

Besides we’re busy getting lost in this whirlwind sound. Listen to “The Shallows” below…


Burial Sound Flyer