Bosstones’ Boss Shows: Fishbone, Big D, Lost City Angels and more join Andrew WK as Hometown Throwdown openers

Credit: Ashley Eberbach

The Mayor of this year’s Hometown Throwdown at the House of Blues is going to have his or her hands full. And so will everyone else.

Joining the Mighty Mighty Bosstones and the return of the Wall of Santas at December’s 17th annual Throwdown will be Fishbone and Big D and the Kid’s Table (December 26); the Interrupters and the Warning Shots (December 27), and perhaps best of all, Andrew W.K. and Lost City Angels (December 28).

Now that’s a party. Times three.


Tickets to each event are on sale now, and don’t forget — Do617 wants to make you one mighty mighty mayor.

Bosstones Lineup

Bosstones 1