Austin 2 Boston: Listen to the new hazy, choral dream-pop record from Somerville’s Mini Dresses


Though still a relatively young band, Mini Dresses have a bit of a late summer tradition going. For the third straight year, they’ve released a handful of hazy, post-shoegaze jams, and assigned the collection a numeral title. Earlier this week, they released Three, an EP of five daydreamer guitar-pop songs led by opener “In Two,” which we premiered yesterday in Vanya Radio after only hearing the first 15 seconds or so.

“For these recordings, we’ve taken some cues from our favorite shoegaze and jangly pop hits (Cocteau Twins, Slowdive, Should, Cleaners from Venus, Flying Nun records generally), and filtered them through our love of ’60s surfbeat and K Records’ off-kilter production,” the band writes, pretty much capturing the full attention of anyone to which those cited bands mean anything. “The songs tend to become a pretty dense kaleidoscope of wispy reverb, multi-tracked vocals, and swirly guitar leads.”

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Mini Dresses were apparently born in Austin, Texas, but now call Somerville home. They should make a nice addition to next year’s Fuzzstival, and other psych and dream-pop shows around town before Four appears in 12 months. Check out Three below…