Such Great Heights: Listen to the infectious new Color And Sound EP, ‘Peace Of Mind’


We made a lot of Rock And Roll Rumble predictions back in the spring, and two in particular about Billerica-born alt-rock upstarts the Color And Sound. One, we ambitiously said they’d win the whole thing (we was wrong), and two, we said the best from the promising young band was yet to come (easy to be right, there).

This week the Color And Sound have released new EP Peace Of Mind, and it’s making that second, rather slam-dunk prediction come true. Out this week on New Jersey DIY label Black Numbers and available for your listening and downloading pleasures below, Peace Of Mind is six single-worthy tracks of infectious pop joy. Standout jam “Back To Me” recalls the pop heights of the Naked And Famous but with a guitar-rock lean, while “Bad Blood” is the song you listen to driving out of the city after scoring your dream job.

And there’s a point in opening track “Cigarettes,” right at the minute-mark, that just explodes with unbridled fervor and pop-rock optimism. You’ll know it when you hear it. And hear often it you will.


There’s a lot to take in here, and Color And Sound have crafted a record that’s both complex and simple all at once. It’s an EP of several “oh shit!” moments, and at the risk of sounding kinda cheesy, it’s just a jubilant, “feel good” record. The sound here is just really uplifting.

Listen to the Peace Of Mind EP below, and catch the Color And Sound at Church on October 17 with Zeus, Doom Lover, and Cities & States.


Color And Sound