Report: Crystal Fighters drummer Andrea Marongiu has unexpectedly died


Details are scarce at the moment, but Spanish media outlets are reporting that Crystal Fighters drummer Andrea Marongiu has died. Marongiu joined the Spanish-British alt-dance collective in 2010 for the recording of Cave Rave, and also played with Louise Dodds and in various other bands, like the Bellinis.

Crystal Fighters have cancelled their show at Solar Fest in Spain due to “unforeseen reasons,” according to foreign reports, but there has been no official word about Marongiu’s death, and no cause has been made public.

UPDATE: 2:59 p.m. EST.: Crystal Fighters have confirmed Marongiu’s passing via social media. Here is their note via Facebook:



Yesterday, Marongiu posted to social media that he was “at home recovering,” though he did not specify what he was recovering from. Fans are now expressing their sympathies on his Facebook page, and tweeting about his death.

Here is Google translation from a report from Spain’s Ultimahora, which broke the news earlier today:

The performance of the British Crystal Fighters scheduled for Friday at the campus are Fusteret of Palma has been canceled by the sudden death of drummer, Andrea Marongiu . The band led the Solar Fest poster, indie music festival this weekend held in Palma, and the news of the suspension of the concert – when the causes are still unknown – has caused considerable disillusionment among his followers.

The Party Music Houston developer has posted a statement on its Facebook page announcing the cancellation of the concert, but did not explain why. However, before long the news of the unexpected death of Marongiu has spread like wildfire on social media, especially Twitter, where numerous artists, photographers and other familiar faces from the world of music mourned his loss.