Causing A Drukqs: There’s an Aphex Twin blimp hovering over London right now

Credit: Jonathan Lind, @JidLind

It’s not exactly the alien invasion we had hoped for, but it’s the next best thing: there is an Aphex Twin blimp hovering over London right now. The blimp shows the Aphex Twin logo on both sides — with it replacing the “0” in 2014 on its left — is flying this afternoon over the Oval Space venue in Hackney, according to the NME and a flood of tweets.

Many are speculating this could be a sign of new music from maniacal genius Richard D. James. The last official Aphex Twin record was 2001’s Drukqs, but in June, fans were able to buy “lost” 1994 album Caustic Window through a Kickstarter campaign. James has told the press in the past that he had as many as six Aphex Twin records ready for release.

Of course, the blimps could mean nothing at all. Either way, Come to Daddy