Drink It Up: Crash Midnight announce new record, drop rowdy video for ‘151’


So a million years ago we somehow got invited to this ritzy-ass charity event at Royale in the Theatre District. We met Heidi Watney, we stuffed our faces with gourmet pizza, and we watched Crash Midnight horrify every suit in attendance. It was a good time.

Since then, we’ve been waiting for the Boston hard rock band to release a proper record, and we finally get it when Lost in the City drops on October 20 via Bronx Bridge Entertainment/InGrooves. To celebrate, Crash Midnight dropped a new video today for the hard-chargin’ party anthem “151,” which was premiered a few moments ago by Revolver.

“This music video came together a lot like everything else seems to for this band — as a complete trainwreck,” frontman Shaun Soho tells the publication.


Here’s the story from the Rev:

“We were shooting in early November and chose this cool venue called Emerald Lounge down by what was once the storied Combat Zone in downtown Boston. We wanted to have the video capture us partying with our fans and taking over the bar because, hell, that’s what the song’s about. So we had a mess of people show up for the shoot to watch and take part in the video. All of a sudden this blizzard hit about halfway into the shoot and everything went to bullshit. We had to scrap the outdoor shots we had planned and a lot of the crowd was taking off too as the weather got more and more insane. It could have killed the shoot but Aggelos, the manager at Emerald, cut his entire staff loose to help us finish the video. A lot of the shots you see there are waitresses and bartenders jumping in to fill in the crowd. It ended up being one of the cooler shoots we’ve ever done and the video came out great.”

Check it out below, and stay tuned for a few tour announcements from the Crash Midnight dudes sometime in the next week or so. Big things on the horizon.


[embedvideo id=”kC0AKBbmGEk” website=”youtube”]