Bout Dat Lizzie Life: Listen to the catchy new Hilary Duff single, ‘All About You’


We’ll admit we were kinda bored last month with Hilary Duff’s “comeback” single, “Chasing The Sun.” It seemed a bit rushed (gotta hit that summer season peak!) and didn’t really stick in our collective pink-V heads after a few repeated listens. It’s only been a few weeks since its release, but already Duff has followed it up with a better pop nugget in “All About You.”

This one’s a bit catchier, and we think Lizzie Mcguire would approve of its Taylor Swift-ness. The bouncy, breezy, even a bit folky pop single is available to buy via iTunes, or you can just watch the still-frame YouTube on repeat under a proper video is released.

Your call. We just make suggestions.


[embedvideo id=”Y64RiH0gnlI” website=”youtube”]