In The Edit Tonight: ‘Phil Collins Rocks’ gives us endless* loops of the singer’s biggest hits


Ever listen to part of a Phil Collins song and just wish it went on forever? Maybe it’s the infamous drumming in “In The Air Tonight,” or the piano passion of “Against All Odds,” or just that playful pop squeal that thrilled millions in “Sussudio.”

Well shit, a new website called Phil Collins Rocks has it covered. We have no idea who is behind it, but on August 8, someone rolled out 10 edits of classic Phil Collins tracks that loop a specific part of the song for more than 10 minutes.

It’s damn-near mesmerizing.


The website’s description reads: “Short samples of your favorite Phil Collins songs on an endless* loop – ideal for parties, the workplace, annoying neighbors, Guantanamo Bay and more!”

Unfortunately, that asterisk means the edits don’t actually go on forever, but we can all likely agree that 10 minutes and change does the trick quite nicely.

There’s already a Facebook and Twitter page, so get clicking — and let Phil Collins Rocks take you home to another day in paradise.


Here are a few of our faves so far…