Vanyaland Challenge: Can you listen to at least 2 minutes of the shitty new Limp Bizkit song?

Ohhhhh, yeah — Friday 5 p.m. is *just* around the corner, but before you ghost town for the weekend, we’re issuing one last Vanyaland Challenge before the relaxation takes over.

And it’s a motherfucking doozy.

Earlier in the week we told you that a reunited and reinvigorated Limp Bizkit will be returning to Boston later this year, and looks like it’s no nostalgia tour. Fred Durst and crew have new music for us, and the first batch of shit streaming from your speakers’ toiler bowl is “Endless Slaughter,” which just dropped like a morning deuce earlier today.

It’s available for free download via the Bizkit homepage.

We got 1:24 into the song before pleading for it to stop. Turns out there was four more minutes left. And change. It pretty much sounds like the worst Suicidal Tendencies song ever.


[embedvideo id=”GR-3dWWyFiE” website=”youtube”]