U Mad: Listen to Catey Shaw’s gentrification-pop anthem, ‘Brooklyn Girls’


Finally, along comes an anthem for all the white girls who moved to Brooklyn sometime in the past decade. Pop newcomer — and Virginia Beach native — Catey Shaw has spoken for an entire borough, delivering the goods on this week’s already polarizing “Brooklyn Girls.”

It’s a colorful summer-pop ode to wearing combat boots in the summer (yes, please), subway trains rollin’ under (hey, you gotta get around, right?), and that thing where the sneakers are hanging by their shoelaces off powerlines (didn’t that mean someone got shot once on that intersection?).

It’s a true day in the life of a lady who arrived in Brooklyn not long after the Nets did. Shaw, who has admitted in interviews that she moved to Brooklyn just last year, was allegedly discovered playing a beat-up ukulele for spare change in a New York subway station. That’s real.


Reaction to “Brooklyn Girls” has been mixed. Huffington Post has called it Brooklyn’s answer to Katy Perry’s California Gurls”, while Vice is essentially dubbing her the Rebecca Black of Brooklyn. We won’t go that far on either side, but we know this song will get a rise out of people and spawn a million “Brooklyn is dead” think pieces.

And it’s definitely better than that new Paris Hilton joint.

We think the song’s kinda catchy, and we think we recognize one of the people up on that stoop. Also, we hear there will be some Shake Shack at the singe’s release party Thursday night at Baby’s All Right, and we fucking love Shake Shack.


Our only question after watching this is — who’s gonna step up and do “Allston Girls?”

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