Vanyaland Premiere: Wake up in motion with the Rationales’ new video for ‘This Morning’

Credit: Melissa Zeigler

No matter where a person may be in the world, we all deal with the start of another day. And sometimes, those mornings are the most defined part of the day, as life, relationships, and everything else begins to erode our sense of calm as the day progresses. As the day draws to a close, we often return to the same place we woke up several hours prior. It’s a cycle.

In the Rationales’ new stop-motion music video for “This Morning,” which we are premiering today, Beijing-based artist Anthony Ragucci had a certain vision for the song.

“‘This Morning’ was a song I really loved, and the idea of a character waking up and making his way through this landscape started to take shape as I listened,” Ragucci tells Vanyaland. “I interpreted the song to be about a relationship never really being defined as a relationship and the problems that come with having things left unsaid. I wanted the space in the video to come apart as well, and as the story unfolded, become less defined as the space it is trying to be.”

Ragucci and Rationales frontman David Mirabella have been friends for years, and the alt-rock band approached the artist about a potential video collaboration around the time of January’s release of the Dream of Fire EP.

“Anthony had made a bunch of stop-motion videos for his own art a few years back that I loved, and had always wanted to have him do something with us,” Mirabella says. “But with him moving around so much — South Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, and now Beijing — it was tough for him to get the time. I’m glad it worked out now as I love the concept and feel he came up with for the tune.”

Check out the video below, and also check out the Rationales when they play Uncle Eddie’s Oceanside Tavern in Salisbury tomorrow night (Friday, July 11), and then at the Newport Nights party in Rhode Island on Saturday, July 26 alongside Tigerman WOAH, OldJack, Nate Leavitt, and the Silks. Check out the flyer after the video, created by Daykamp Creative.

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