Dance Party: Moe Pope returns with artistic new STL GLD video for ‘PNYBOY the Hustler’

Credit: David Salafia

Last we touched base with Moe Pope, he and longtime collaborator Rain took “Liftoff” around Boston with a little help from a fast-talkin’, Allston-walkin’ Nate Marsden. Now, the Boston hip-hop crossover maven is back with STL GLD, a collaboration with homegrown producer and AR Classic Records label owner the Arcitype.

The new video “PNYBOY The Hustler,” which you can watch below, is more capital-letter goodness, and it’s the first cut off the duo’s upcoming album My Monday Morning Music, due August 12. Among its 17 tracks are STL GLD collaborations with MC Dutch Rebelle and Bad Rabbits’ Dua Boakye.

For the “PNYBOY The Hustler” video, though, there’s a different type of collaboration — one that’s more visually stimulating. With choreography by Lonnie Stanton and editing by Alexander Hayes, dancers Angie Conte and Lydia Zimmer give the clip a late-night peephole cabaret feel, like you’re looking into something maybe you shouldn’t. Through the darkness come human figures, reflected light and skin that’s just beyond reach.

“I gave this song to a classically trained modern dancer, with no explanation or rules attached,” Pope explains via the presser. “And this was the final result of that moment; this is why I love art.”

Check out the video below…