More Like OctaLove: Listen to the impressive debut single from pop newcomer Ryn Weaver

We realize internet time stamps are not to be trusted, but as of press time this afternoon, Ryn Weaver’s debut single “OctaHate” has generated more than 10,000 plays on Soundcloud in the seven hours since it went live. And we here at Vanya HQ are responsible for at least 100 of those. At least.

This is the sound of a new artist exploding onto the scene.

“OctaHate” is an impressive coming-out party for the New York and Los Angeles pop singer/songwriter. It was co-produced by Passion Pit mastermind Michael Angelakos in a hat-trick of top-shelf pop awesomeness with Dr. Luke protege Benny Blanco (Katy Perry, Britney) and Norway’s Cashmere Cat, so there’s some real muscle behind this.

UPDATE June 25, 7:35 a.m.: Oh, and our BFF Charli XCX also “worked on” it, according to her post on Facebook. Of course she did; she’s got that touch.

You can hear bits of Passion Pit in the musical production, but it’s Weaver’s gleaming vocals that take it over the top, from the subtle squeals to the Beyonce-esque command.

Expect great things.

Listen to “OctaHate” below, and tell all your friends you were there on Day 1.