Second Spin: Watch the new video from ‘Drive’ soundtrack alumni Electric Youth

Since its release in 2011, Nicolas Winding Refn’s Drive has achieved cult status in certain pop culture circles, with its soundtrack enduring as much as any of the characters. Two projects stand tall from the film: Desire for their minimalist electro-pop seduction “Under Your Spell,” and Electric Youth, who with French producer College provided Drive’s theme, the throbbing synthpop track “A Real Hero.”

Now Electric Youth is back in our headspace with “Innocence,” a track first teased late last year but now given the video treatment as the Toronto duo of Austin Garrick and Bronwyn Griffin sign a record deal with Secretly Canadian.

“Innocence” shares some DNA with “A Real Hero,” and that’s not a bad thing. Only a few songs made up the non-score aspect of the Drive soundtrack, leaving many wanting more. This is a good start, even three years later.

Watch the Ivan Grbovic-directed video for “Innocence” below; it draws from some of the cinematic themes and visuals we’re used to when hearing the music of Electric Youth.

Meanwhile, “Innocence” will be included on Electric Youth’s debut album, out this fall by Secretly Canadian.