No Hall Pass Required: Watch Phil Collins perform with a middle school band


It’s been a banner week for retired musicians returning to the stage. First, Steve Perry appeared with the Eels in Minnesota to mark the former Journey frontman’s first live gig in nearly 20 years, and now, Phil Collins has dusted off his beautiful head to sing some of his hits with a bunch of middle schoolers in Florida.

At the request of his sons, who attend the school, Collins appeared at a spring concert at the private Miami Country Day School, his first public appearance in four years. The 18-minute video, which you can watch below, opens with “In The Air Tonight” and also features the Genesis hit “Land of Confusion.”

The kid drummer even handles “In The Air Tonight’s” infamous drum break, which happens at 5:28. The crowd of parents lose their collective shit.


In the video, Collins admits to being nervous about the performance. But a soundcheck rehearsal got him back into the groove. “All of these kids come up to me yesterday and were very, very pleasant, very nice, very polite, and they all made me feel like part of the band,” Collins says.

Take that, Peter Gabriel.

Collins didn’t give any interviews after the show, but he did sign a few autographs. And he was named an honorary member of the Miami Country Day School Radio Ensemble.


Not bad.

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[h/t Gawker]