Vanyaland Premiere: Glenn Michael of Studio 52’s new video, ‘It Hurts You Too’


They say a music writer can only be good at his craft if he’s got a background in music, and the same can be said for the manager of a band rehearsal complex. Many know Glenn Michael as the director of operations of Allston’s Studio 52, but the music veteran and solo artist also hones his own craft within the halls he manages.

In advance of his show tonight at O’Brien’s Pub in Allston, Michael dropped a new video for the track “It Hurts You Too” late last month. The concept of the video reflects the theme of the song, touching on the difficulties of long-distance relationships. It was shot at ARCH, Allston Rock City Hall, a performance space and art gallery that’s part of the Studio 52 complex and operations network.

“During the casting process I got in touch with a professional dancer who was great, and an amazing local sketch artist,” Michael tells Vanyaland, “and with the help of some friends we all brought it to life.”

Michael’s show tonight will also feature more than just his music.

“I’ve also recorded a live score for my set, filled with some fitting movie clips and musical arrangements I’ve recorded that will play in between songs, giving it a full flow to the whole set,” he adds.

Check out “It Hurts You Too” below:

[embedvideo id=”OUB7yrcmhY0″ website=”youtube”]

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