A Northern Sell: Nick McCabe of the Verve auctioning off his musical gear via Facebook


Consider it an auction of Britpop “History” in the name of the Verve. British guitarist Nick McCabe is selling off guitars, amps, and other musical gear via his personal Facebook page, including his 1972 Telecaster Deluxe that can be photo-matched with the “Love Is Noise” video, and pedals he used on the 2008 Verve album Forth.

“The past two years have been hard on my bank balance,” McCabe wrote on Facebook May 18. He’s since posted 52 photos to the album titled “gear clear out” and has been updating fans with photos of him signing and mailing out the gear that’s been purchased. On Tuesday, he wrote: “I’m actually extracting a lot of joy from selling all this stuff off, who’d have thought. Especially when everyone’s so nice.”

Amps of various sizes and styles run from £200 to £1,000, while the bidding for the aforementioned started at £2,500.


While McCabe has been open and affable during the public auction, he did get second thoughts on selling one item: a red Fender Stratocaster named Spike.

“I know some of you are contemplating selling stuff to fund purchase of Spike so I feel duty bound to halt proceedings right away,” he wrote on May 21. “I’ve had all kinds of reactions to selling that guitar, but generally people closest to me say ‘you can’t.’ …I’ve managed to autoerase most of my history several times, maybe it’s time to sip doing that. Everything else is still up for grabs.”

Since the Verve broke up again in 2009, McCabe currently plays Black Submarine with former Verve bandmate Simon Jones. Check out their 2010 track “Strange Hours” below, as well as some of McCabe’s for-sale listings and posts. His Facebook profile is public.

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