Morrissey & Marred: Watch Miley Cyrus cover the Smiths in Ireland


Miley Cyrus has been generating positive reviews for the string of covers she’s rolled out on the Bangerz world tour, everything from the Flaming Lips to OutKast to Fleetwood Mac. But she entered dangerous territory last night at the Odyssey Arena in Belfast, Ireland, taking on the Smiths’ 1986 classic “There Is A Light That Never Goes Out.”

That sound you just heard was our Vanya heads exploding.

Oh boy. Talk about our worlds colliding.

But hey — this is pretty good!

(You knew we’d say that.)

We do wish Morrissey’s twitter was still active, because we’d love to know his reaction to this. Hopefully a statement will be coming yo True To You. Unless Moz responds by covering “Wrecking Ball.”

Anyway, hat tip to Stereogum for finding this fan-shot 1:44 clip, especially since our front page has been a bit Miley-less lately. We wish the fan captured the entire thing, though.

In related news, Morrissey comes to Boston on June 7, when he performs at the Opera House.