Report: City OK’s plan to turn Allston’s DoReMi karaoke studio into apartment building


Allston is getting more apartments, and this time it’s eating up one of its more underrated treasures in the process. Curbed is reporting this morning that the Boston Redevelopment Authority has approved a plan to demolish 17-year-old DoReMi Karaoke to make way for more housing.

According to Curbed:

Everybody’s favorite rubber stamp(TM), the Boston Redevelopment Authority, has O.K.’d the development of 40 apartments at 442 Cambridge Street in Allston. The four-story development, which will also include 1,631 square feet of commercial space as well as 57 parking spaces and room for 40 bikes, will replace the 17-year-old DoReMi karaoke studio and the house behind it.

This is a bummer. With Vanya’s residential HQ located across the street from DoReMi on Cambridge Street, it’s sad to see this place go. With 19 private karaoke studios and 13 languages, the space has long been a fun alternative to the bar and nightclub scene in that area of Allston and attracts a wide cross-section of people.

It’ll also further turn Cambridge Street into a parking lot in the stretch between Harvard Avenue and Union Square.

Here’s another artist’s rendering of the new $7 million plan, via Curbed:


      1. I can’t believe that out of all the places in the city that could be gutted and turned into more cookie-cutter apartments, they had to choose THE HAPPIEST BUILDING IN THE WORLD. 🙁 🙁 🙁 this is crushing.

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