‘Wasted White Girls Will Dance To Anything’: Here’s a helpful guide to creating big room house


It’s Friday, which means many of you will be heading out into town, crashing dance parties and cruising all the hotspots. Chances are you’ll hit a club blasting out some big room house, and you’ll think “Hey, can I do that? I bet I can do that.” It’s how we feel every time “Animals” from Martin Garrix comes on the radio.

Thankfully, SoundNet has it covered with this handy two-minute guide to creating the hottest — and we mean hottest — electronic music dance tracks.

“Don’t be too concerned if the melody doesn’t flow well,” SoundNet tells us. “Wasted white girls will dance to anything.”


If there’s one drawback to the tutorial, it’s the heavy slant on hating on the ladies. There are plenty of dudes in the clubs actin’ the fool to this kind of stuff, too. Let’s spread the vibe to the douchbags as well as the duck-facers.