Ticket To Snide: Neko Case thanks Boston for the parking ticket with ‘Eat me’ note


It’s Cinco de Mayo, so naturally the most interesting thing to happen today is a social media exchange between the city of Boston and musician Neko Case. It unfolded after the singer posted a photo of a parking ticket with the phrase “EAT ME” written in the comment section.

Now, our first reaction was “Oh shit, Neko Case got insulted by a Boston meter maid,” because, let’s face it, who hasn’t? But we finally put the margaritas away and our closer inspection suggests that this is Case’s way of flipping us the bird after getting written up for whatever parking violation she committed. Case was in town for an appearance at the Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival Saturday night at the Berklee Performance Center, and there’s pretty much a million different ways to get ticketed in that part of town.

But despite the slight dent in the singer’s wallet, Case scored the final word here, and the whole “EAT ME” thing led to this brilliant Twitter exchange earlier this afternoon.


It started out like many other reactions to parking tickets…


But, to our credit, the city’s official twitter page didn’t take it personally (not that we’re defensive or anything), and instead handled the matter with style and grace.

Well played, especially the part about Case’s new record.

No word, however, on what crime led to Case getting ticketed in the first place.


All’s well that ends well, right?