Giving the Finger: Peaches has some good advice for Iggy Azalea and all female musicians


We’ve all learned a lot from the teaches of Peaches over the years, from fucking the pain away to how to properly shave a lady’s legs (true story: I shaved Peaches’ leg on-stage at Karma club in Boston when she and Gonzalez opened for Elastica in the fall of 2000).

But now the electro-pop musician has her latest educational tip, and it comes in the aftermath of Iggy Azalea revealing to Hot 97 FM last week that she has stopped crowd surfing because dudes keep trying to feel her up. Peaches message is quite simple: Break their fingers.

“Iggy Azalea do not stop stage diving and crowd surfing because people are trying to get into your pants,” Peaches wrote today on social media. “Do what i do. Call them out! grab their fingers and break them! Don’t let idiots rule! Take a stand! Take action right there!”


Good advice. We’re pretty sure we’ve seen Alice Glass slug a dude who tried to cop a feel of the Crystal Castles singer during some ol’ fashioned crowd-surfing, and we’re down with any street justice of this kind.

Azalea, meanwhile, is currently crushing it with her new record The New Classic dropping last week and this collaboration with Charli XCX still ringing in our ears after a few months of play.