Aerosmith Tunnel: Hallelujah The Hills’ new video for ‘I Stand Corrected’ is the greatest Boston rock history lesson ever


Boston is a transient town, and with the fuckton of students that roll in and roll out-of-town every four years, history can be easily forgotten. So thank the lord Jonathan Richman for Hallelujah The Hills’ new music video for “I Stand Corrected,” where ringleader and director Ryan Walsh and his crew trace Boston’s rock history and spotlight some forgotten landmarks.

It’s tragic that no one remembers that the Bee Wolfs got their start at the haunted Super-Vertigo in Allston, or that the Cum Dizzies current prax space once saw the birth of the upside down G chord (thanks Emmy Loud Harris), or even the exact location of where “Under the Fuck-Lights” was filmed.

And forget Dewey Death Metal System — how about that pier where “alt-rock” was coined 10 miles away back in 1620?


We didn’t land on Boston rock, Boston rock landed on us.

Thank you based Jah Hills.

We expect your latest record, Have You Ever Done Something Evil, out May 13 on Discrete Pageantry Records, to be a truly historical compass for Boston rock.