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Lansdowne On The Way Up? Bill’s Bar gets remodeled, enlists DJ Frank White for Thursday residency


Above photo by me about eight years ago on my then-cool Razr phone

Oh, Bill’s Bar, you’ve had many interesting lives over the years. The dirty Lansdowne Street rock club is probably most notable for Nirvana playing Twister on its stage back in 1991 on the night before Nevermind came out, and is definitely least notable for me having serve as General Manager and booking agent for about eight months back in 2005-ish. It also housed Blackout Bar and Start!, once upon a time. I think Interpol played the latter.

But after a few years of relative dormancy, the 200-person room has been recently remodeled and renovated, and is starting to feature live music and DJs again. It’s no longer just a holding cell for deplorable Lansdowne Pub spillover folk, and we guess that’s a good thing. Currently, only the House of Blues, a few doors down, offers consistent live music on Lansdowne Street, once a hotbed for the city’s music scene.


White’s dance party residency starts tonight, and he posted a pic of the new-look venue:

Bills Bar

Seems fancy! White posted the news this morning on Facebook:


White, who spun at last year’s Boston Calling Music Fest, also just dropped a new mix of Stevie Wonder’s “I Wish.” We’re sure you’ll hear it tonight at Bill’s.