No-chella: This cool interactive artist map cruelly illustrates how no Massachusetts bands are playing Coachella this year


We love maps. Whether it’s Courtney Love using them to find the missing plane or Team Vanya figuring out how to drive from Boston to Austin and back again for SXSW, maps are everywhere these days.

Unfortunately, they can also illustrate and highlight bum-out news, as is the case with Vanessa Franko’s interactive artist map for the Press-Enterprise, which breaks down exactly where each Coachella Music & Arts festival band, musician, or DJ hails from.

Go ahead, and check the map.


What’s obvious to us here in Massachusetts? No hometown heroes.

No Pixies, no Passion Pit, no Bad Rabbits.

Not even a Speedy Ortiz or Potty Mouth or Mean Creek.


Even Vermont is repped with Neko Case. And Connecticut has too many bands.

Oh well, this guide is still pretty cool, we guess. Check it out…

Click on the map to explore where the 2014 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival artists are from. (Vanessa Franko/Staff Illustration)