SXSW Boston & Beyond party spotlight: The Field Effect


This is the latest in a series of spotlights on the bands and artists participating in the 2014 Boston & Beyond party at SXSW, a collaborative effort between Berklee College of Music and Vanyaland. The party is Thursday, March 13 at Brush Square Park (409 East 5th St.) in Austin, runs from noon to 6 p.m., and is free, all-ages, and open to the public. RSVP to sxswrsvp@berklee.edu for entry.


The Field Effect, 4:00 p.m. set time

When a dose of rock and roll is needed, we call the Field Effect. Winners of the 2013 Boston Music Award for Song of the Year (“Ogunquit, ME”), it’s been a remarkable run for the Boston quartet since the December 2012 release of debut LP Cartography. From sharing the Paradise Rock Club stage with everyone from the Promise Ring to Bad Rabbits to having radio stations blow their collective loads to shaking shit up and playing a Valentine’s Day set of emo covers at the Feel Defect, Annie Hoffman and her band (ahem) have been laying the sonic smackdown on Boston in redonkulous fashion.


Much like the case with Air Traffic Controller, the band’s planned appearance at the Outlaw Roadshow was unexpectedly pulled recently, so we added them to Boston & Beyond just last week. Yeah they played last year, but who cares? They had an even better 2013, and the year ahead seems like anything is possible.

Hop on the joyride and raise a glass with one of Boston’s finest bands…

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