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Cher The Love: Iggy Azalea’s new video with Charli XCX pays homage to ’90s movie ‘Clueless’


As if… we couldn’t love Iggy Azalea’s new collab with our BFF Charli XCX enough already, the 23-year-old Australian bad-ass has gone and dedicated the jam’s music video to ’90s movie Clueless.”

That line in “Fancy” about trashing the hotel and getting drunk on the mini bar takes on a whole new meaning when you envision Cher Horowitz doing the damage.

We miss you, Alicia Silverstone.


We miss you, canary yellow tartan.

We miss you, 1990s.

Azalea’s New Classic is out April 14, by the way. Now that’s fancy. Here’s the video-less track…