Happy Presidents Day: Miley Cyrus pretends to blow ‘Bill Clinton’ in Bangerz tour kickoff


Miley Cyrus’ long-awaited Bangerz tour kicked off over the weekend in Vancouver, and all that’s already missing is Stefan from Saturday Night Live breathlessly explaining that this show has everything. Like, you know, giant floating bananas and more crotch-grabbing than a basement porno shoot.

But included in that everything is our gal Miley dropping to her knees and pretending to give a blow job to Bill Clinton.

Happy Presidents Day, everyone! This certainly beats a sale at your local car dealership.


And no, she doesn’t actually pull a Lewinsky (though we felt the need to state that, oddly), and we’re certain that’s not actually our 42nd president under that mask. But stranger things have happened in Vancouver so you can never be too sure.

The very raunchy Bangerz tour comes to Boston’s TD Garden on April 2. April Fool’s Day gets an extension this year, folks.

Miley Clinton


[h/t Jezebel + Egotastic]