Steven Tyler named the 26th Most Fashionable Bostonian (like, in 2014) by US Trendy

Dude may look like a lady, but at least Steven Tyler is still deemed fashionable by someone. Independent online retailer US Trendy released their list of the Top 50 Most Fashionable Bostonians today, and the 65-year-old Aerosmith singer clocks in at a very respectable Number 26.

The top spot goes to TV personality Maria Menounos (which kinda makes up for US Trendy misspelling her name in the list below), with model Gisele Bundchen (also misspelled) taking the silver, and Christina Pierce of the Christina Pierce Fashion Agency playing the role of Finland and going home with the bronze. Good effort.

Gisele’s hubby Tom Brady came in at Number 10.

Here’s the full list [h/t Luke O’Neil]:


Speaking of Luke O’Neil, he’s pretty spot on in his reaction to the list…