Right Kinda Money: Watch Spirit Kid’s ‘infomercial’ Pledge, jam out to new tune ‘Slow it Down’

[dropcap]A[/dropcap] few years ago, Boston indie-pop project Spirit Kid taught us about the “Wrong Kind Of Money”. Now, Emeen Zarookian is Pledging to do right by your finances, reaching out to fans to help cover costs associated with self releasing his new record, Is Happening.

And he’s doing it with one of the coolest Pledge videos ever, tapping into the wondrous world of late-night TV infomercials. The campaign launched yesterday and has already hit 31% of its goal (at press time).

“I’d seen a bunch of successful PledgeMusic campaigns that friends had done in the recent past and decided it was the right route to go down after striking out with trying to get labels on board,” Zarookian tells Vanyaland. “Their loss though! This record is seriously awesome and I believe is the best Spirit Kid release to date. Although the songs slightly vary in in style, there is a cohesion about the album since it was recorded all at once, as opposed to every previous release, which was stitched together from various sessions.”

Is Happening also marks the first time Zarookian has teamed up with another producer on a Spirit Kid release, enlisting Jeremy Mendicino of Pretty & Nice as co-pilot.

“[Jeremy] and I played almost everything on the album and he was awesome to work with,” Zarookian adds. “He totally got what I was going for and helped me push it in a really cool direction, while helping me stay focused and on track. I also really liked the immediacy of the way we worked, as it was all recorded on tape, we just committed to weird sounds and ideas, bouncing tracks together and knowing there was no going back. It led to some real interesting and wild sounds throughout the record, whereas if it was more of a digital process we might have had too many decisions to make during the mixing process. Also, this meant we couldn’t just fix every wrong note or drum hit or whatever, so the album is full of real performances… a real record. In the end the recordings are imperfect and all the better for it.”

Check out the first offering from Is Happening, the fiery “Slow It Down,” and catch Spirit Kid live at Great Scott on February 1 with Beach Toys and New York’s Powwow.

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