Doug E. Stretch: Flula’s ‘Slow Mo Beatboxing’ will either turn you on or give you nightmares


Bavarian DJ and YouTube “personality” Flula Borg has finally answered the age-old question of what a beatboxing face looks like when the tape is slowed down. There’s some weird shit going on here, and we’re not sure if we’re turned on or repulsed. I think Flula — the Seal of YouTube videos — was going for something to that effect.

After two days or so, Slow Mo Beatboxing is starting to gain steam.

It’d make a good Vanya Challenge — can you watch it all the way through? We checked out after that side double mouth lip thing around the minute-mark. But then we looked around the room, saw no one else was around, and fired it back up.


We even typed this post with one hand.