Choose Ur Own Coachella: Now you can design your own festival poster, for trolls or lolz


Ever felt left out in the Fake Coachella Poster game? Fear no more, as someone named Larry Kubin has whipped up a fancy Coachella Poster Creator, allowing you to fill in the blanks and either come up with some uber-snarky diss on the festival lineup or visualize your dream weekend(s) at the Empire Polo Club out in Indio, California.

There are slots for three headliners, nine subheadliners, and a billion undercards. Fill in the blanks, hit “generate,” and share on social media like mad.

Of course, back in our day we had to work to create fake Coachella posters; kids today have it so easy.


Here’s ours, based on yesterday’s Britpop Album Ranking. Yeah, we’re making Bobby Gillespie work for it. And yes, we lost interest midway through…